Discover the clues.

  Decide the process.

    Defend the evidence. 

updated for 6/3/20 
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Wednesday, 6/3/ Last Reminder = No matter what letter your last name is at this point, PLEASE COME GET YOUR SCIENCE BINDER between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. TODAY!!!  They are going to be recycled so please come get it!!!  I'll serve brownies until I run out and then it's candy from the Candy Lab!
If you did the Candy Lab = Candy Treats
Have a fun and safe summer!!!  :-)
Love, Mrs. Crowell
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March/April science unit - 
Below is the link to copy and paste for the book that I used for our CUTOUTS, if you still need a cutout -  
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Science  in

Lots of hands-on and minds-on activities!



WEEK ONE for online work!!!  Virtual Spirit Week from school!
Monday, 3/30 - Human Body
Virtual Spirit Monday -Wear your favorite sport shirt today!
Tuesday, 3/31 - Human Body
Virtual Spirit Tuesday -Wear something green and go outdoors to observe some science & nature; do a science experiment!  (and NO, I did not come up with this one!!!)
Wednesday, 4/1 - Human Body
Virtual Spirit Wednesday - Get outside and do something active!  
Thursday, 4/2- Human Body
Virtual Spirit Thursday - Watch a TV show or movie that was made before 1990 or listen to a song from the 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's!
Friday, 4/3 - Human Body
Virtual Spirit Friday - Show your Warrior Pride and wear our school colors!  Record a video of why you  are proud to be a Warrior or why you like science!  (I did add that last suggestion!!!)
(WZ's entry - I love science because it teaches us stuff that we might need to know; also the experiments are fun to do.)

WEEK THREE!!!  G-L-A-D Week! Each day write down that day's letter and activity.  Email them to me on Friday, 4/17! (Mr. Creech's idea!)
Monday, 4/13 - Human Body

Gratitude: Something that you are thankful for. 

Tuesday, 4/14 - Human Body

Learned: Something you figured out by yourself. 

Wednesday, 4/15 - Human Body

Accomplished: Something you feel is meaningful;  that you have done since being at home.

Thursday, 4/16 - Human Body

Delighted: Something that makes you happy. 

Friday, 4/17 - Human Body

Email your 4 answers to Mrs. Crowell :-)

G- I'm glad me and my family are not struggling through these times. 

L- I learned I can teach my dog to fetch. 

A- I've accomplished how to help out around the house and how to stay safe. 

D- My family makes me happy. (SS/P-7)

G: One thing that I have gratitude for is the fact that all of my family is as healthy as can be. Another thing that I am very thankful for is how since my mom already works from home, she still has her job!

L: Something I have tried to learn how to do is play billiards and darts in my game room.

A: I have been able to go much further when kayaking since I have had more free time on my hands.

D: I am delighted that I can spend more time with my family and friends.  (BL/P-2)


G - I am thankful for not being sick. 

L - I learned about some of my family that live in Australia. 

A - I completed a 1000 piece puzzle. 

D - I like being with my family.  (NT/P-4)


G –I am thankful for my family because if it wasn’t for them then I wouldn’t be where I am today!

L - Early on in my life, I figured out how to write and tie my shoes.

A - The school work that I have done is meaningful to me.

D – Something that makes me happy is playing basketball.  (JS/P-6)


Send photos and email me what you did today! Check out the virtual sidewalk safari activities from National Geographic! 
We have a saying for the ClLASSIFICATION LEVELS!!  
Did King Philip Come Over For
Good spaghetti?  
Domain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus species
All the words are CAPITALIZED, except species...always a small letter!  


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1/30 update - Mrs. Crowell co-wrote a grant that was accepted by the St. Johns Water Management District.  On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, the co-writers from the City of Port Orange Reclaimed Water Plant Steve Parnell and from the Water Treatment Plant, Christina Potts, presented how the aquifer water is treated to become our drinking water and how the reclaimed sewage water is recycled for irrigation water...pretty interesting!!! We definitely don't want to drink contaminated water!!!  (They also said to STOP using flushable wipes as those are NOT flushable and clog up their pipes!  They DO NOT disintegrate!!!)