Discover the clues.

  Decide the process.

    Defend the evidence. 

updated 12/8
12/9- 12/16= Check out some of the top students' projects.  These students demonstrated in class and were then invited to create a video to share their RG project for the next level of competition!  The students will view them and vote for the top 3 projects by a secret ballot.
SF Project - Congrats to Tanner, Sophie, Giselle, and Jaden J for completing an experiment, backboard and composition book!  
1/6 - Back to School and the start of our WEATHER Unit!
12/19 - 1/5 - Merry Christmas break and Happy New Year
12/18 - Last Day or Sea World Fieldtrip
12/17 - District Test on Earth's Systems
12/17 = Christmas Candy Lab; 4:20 - 5:20 pm
12/16 - Review Earth's Systems; LAST DAY FOR ANY LATE WORK
12/13 - Atmosphere work completed or finished for homework
12/12 - Atmosphere
12/11 - Atmosphere introduced
12/11 = Bring in Candy Melts for the Candy Lab on 12/17 (next Tuesday); for the first 10 with candy melts!
12/10 - Cryosphere introduced (frozen water); work completed or finished for homework
12/9 - Finish Geosphere & Edible Earth's soil layers model      .HW - cuts outs...2 pages
12/6 weekend - FINISH ALL Biosphere, Hydrosphere, and Geosphere work/LAST CALL for it!
12/6 - Geosphere work completed or finished for homework; SCIENCE FAIR COMPETITION
12/5 - Geosphere
12/4 - Geosphere introduced; HW - finish gluing the paper rock collection, finish coloring the slice of the earth & volcano/earthquake map
12/3 - Hydrosphere work completed; HW - cut out 9 rock squares & get colored pencils and finish all Hydrosphere work if not done in class
12/2 - Hydrosphere introduced (liquid water)
12/2 = Welcome Back!
11/22 - Biosphere work completed or finished for homework
11/21 - Biosphere introduction (living organisms)
11/20 - Earth's Systems introduced
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Below is the link to copy and paste for the book that I used for our CUTOUTS, if you still need a cutout -  
Science  in

Lots of hands-on and minds-on activities!



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1/30 update - Mrs. Crowell co-wrote a grant that was accepted by the St. Johns Water Management District.  On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, the co-writers from the City of Port Orange Reclaimed Water Plant Steve Parnell and from the Water Treatment Plant, Christina Potts, presented how the aquifer water is treated to become our drinking water and how the reclaimed sewage water is recycled for irrigation water...pretty interesting!!! We definitely don't want to drink contaminated water!!!  (They also said to STOP using flushable wipes as those are NOT flushable and clog up their pipes!  They DO NOT disintegrate!!!)