Discover the clues.

  Decide the process.

    Defend the evidence. 

updated 2/27/20  
Looking ahead - Cell City Project began on 2/11  when the directions are sent home.  Parent signature was due on 2/13 and the completed project is due between March 5 - 9. 
(NO PROJECTS after the 9th!)
Looking ahead - CELLS District Test is March 11th. and Grades for the 3rd nine weeks END!  Get your work in before the 11th if it is missing or an F.  Not taking late work after 3/11 & no remediation after that date.
To recap - DONE THIS WEEK -
Friday 2/28 - HW - Cell City Project and study for the District Test - Cell Theory, Homeostasis, Hierarchy of Cell Organization, and the 12 cell organelles and functions flashcards
Thursday 2/27 - HW - finish any cell work
Wednesday 2/26 - HW - cutouts
Tuesday 2/25 - Help available after school
HW - cutouts
Monday 2/24 - Help available after school
To recap - DONE THIS WEEK - Cell Theory /      3 parts, Wacky History of Cell Theory answered, Homeostasis/Ben's Bad Day (1-16 answered in class), Robert Hooke's foldable, review the 12 cell organelle definitions
Friday 2/21 - sub for P-3,4,5,6,7 so I can go visit with my 5 year old granddaughter from VA!
CW - Plant Cell answered & colored in
HW - Plant Cell and any other papers still not done
Thursday 2/20 - HW - finish the Homeostasis WebQuest/Ben's Bad Day IF you want an A or B
CW - Answered 1-16 for a C, Homeostasis WebQuest/ Ben's Bad Day in class
Wednesday 2/19 - CW - Robert Hooke foldable, Cell Organelle Flashcard review, Cell Theory
HW - Finish Wacky History of Cell Theory answers
Tuesday 2/18 -  HW - 4 small cutouts & finish watching the 'Wacky History of Cell Theory' video & answer the questions, IF not done in school.
CW - Cell Theory
Monday 2/17 - NO School
To recap - DONE THIS WEEK - Divider 6 completed; Valentine's Day Escape Room DONE; Heart Diagram colored in; Divider 7 started - Cell Vocab cards  colored & glued, in a quart baggie, inside a page protector, p. 197A,B Cell pictures all colored in = DUE TUESDAY, 2/18/Grade Day
Weekend HW - ALL coloring done (look at 'recap') and find a base for your Cell City Project and a theme
Friday 2/14 - Happy Valentine's Day; Valentine's Day Science Escape Room
Thursday 2/13 - Remediation ONLY with a signed and completed worksheet
CW - p. 197B
Wednesday 2/12 - HW = REMEDIATION for the Weather D & F Test scores - worksheet to complete by Thursday, with parent signature, is due so you can earn points back.
CW - p. 197A
Tuesday 2/11 - HW = REMEDIATION for the Weather D & F Test scores - worksheet to complete by Thursday, with parent signature, is due so you can earn points back.
CW - Cell City Project introduced and cell functions written down in the yellow packet & glue flashcards together
Monday 2/10 - REMEDIATION for the Weather D & F Test scores - worksheet to complete by Thursday, with parent signature, is due so you can earn points back.
CW - finish grading for Divider 6, gradesheets collected & recorded on GradeBook.
HW - remediation worksheet worked on & Vocab Cards - borders colored & all 24 cut out
2/8 - District Weather Test scores have been recorded on GradeBook except for several that the scanner could not correctly read.  You will find your bubble sheet on Monday and I will re-run them after school in hopes that it really isn't a 20% or less score as it is indicating right now!!!
To recap - DONE THIS WEEK - p. 183A & 189C were completed, review  for the test & missing & F work to be done or fixed!                            (pages 161 - 189C are all completed now)
Friday 2/7 - DISTRICT WEATHER TEST         HW - Cell vocab & definitions; borders colored and then cut out / in a baggie
Thursday 2/6 - HW - STUDY
Wednesday 2/5 - HW - STUDY & Candy Lab
Tuesday 2/4 - HW - STUDY
Monday 2/3 - HW - STUDY
To recap - DONE THIS WEEK - 177, 179, 181, 183, 185, 187, 189, 189A, 189B   (as of 1/31)
Friday 1/31 - HW - Finish p. 189B, if not finished in class & Fill out Your Test Study Notes!        CW = Weather Test Study Notes sent home! Review of Conduction, Convection, Radiation, grading yellow cutout sheet, p. 189A & new green worksheet, p. 189B.  Alice in Wonderland video, with food only if you answered the Alice trivia!!!  LAST class CALL for missing Divider 6 work, p. 163 - 187!!!  Please get any missing work done now!  Interims are coming!
Thursday 1/30 - optional / Alice in Wonderland trivia for Literacy Week & tomorrow's special foods IF you answer the trivia paper!
HW - finish p. 189A/ 24 Heat Transfer cutouts & any work that is still missing from Divider 6;  CW = review Heat Transfer/ Conduction, Convection, Radiation and finish the Weather Escape Room and the 24 Heat Transfer examples
Wednesday 1/29 - HW - 24 small heat transfer cutouts / place in a baggie;  CW = review Heat Transfer/Conduction, Convection, Radiation and work on the Weather Escape Room
Tuesday 1/28- HW - 24 small heat transfer cutouts / place in a baggie;  CW = finish p. 185/Conduction, Convection, Radiation and work on the Weather Escape Room
Monday 1/27 - HW - anything missing
CW = Start Conduction, Convection, Radiation vocabulary for Heat Transfer & Collecting the Heat Transfer Webquest; no more Dropsonde Lab trials; other class data will be given to those teams that did not get the trials done on Friday; Lab packet completed and collected
To recap - DONE THIS WEEK - 165, 167, 177
weekend - for the Heat Transfer Webquest, remember to google 'Heat Transfer wisc online' or type in the URL that's on the paper; remember to open all videos and drop-downs and click on all three circles, starting with the pan  :-)
Friday 1/24 - HW - Heat Transfer Webquest due on Monday; finish the weather booklet if you have not turned it in yet; 5 points off each day it was late
CW = Dropsonde Lab; directions reviewed, create your team's parachute and get 5 trials done
update - too many off topic conversations so not all teams got their tissue paper cut, glued, hole punched/strings tied or 5 trials done  :-(
Thursday 1/23 - HW - Heat Transfer Webquest due on Monday; finish the weather booklet if you did not turn it in on Wednesday; 5 points off each day it was late
CW = Dropsonde Lab paperwork filled out and directions given for the parachute build, talk to your teammates as to how to build your parachute for tomorrow
Wednesday 1/22 - HW - finish the weather booklet if you did not turn it in today; 5 points off each day it was late
CW = "Hurricane Formation" lesson, p. 165 booklet; the weather booklet is done and collected
Tuesday 1/21 - Grading the BLUE Weather packet = -5 points if NOT ready for grading today!  And then -5 each day it is late! (out of 36 points)
CW = "Rain Shadow" & "Land & Sea Breezes" lessons, p. 165 booklet
Monday 1/20 = NO SCHOOL  (Please get your supplies replenished - colored pencils, glue sticks, and yellow highlighter and page protectors.)
Second nine weeks' Report Cards will be sent home shortly.  Evidently there's been another glitch in printing them!
To recap - DONE THIS WEEK - 163, 165 (first 8 lessons), 167, 169/170, 171, 173, 175, and 189 (Doodle Page)
p. 177 is being Graded on Tuesday
HW Friday 1/17 - BLUE Weather packet/Grading it on TUESDAY = -5 points if NOT ready for Tuesday's grading! And then -5 each day it is late! (out of 36 points/summative)
CW = "Hazardous Weather" & "Weather Safety" lessons, p. 165 booklet
HW Thursday 1/16 - BLUE Weather packet/Grading it on TUESDAY = -5 points if NOT ready! And then -5 each day it is late! (out of 36 points/summative)
CW = "Weather Fronts" & "Weather Patterns" lessons, p. 165 booklet & the Weather Channel app
HW Wednesday 1/15 - catch up!
CW = "Types of Air Masses" lesson, p. 165 booklet & worked on Climate Zones, p. 175 = finish for HW
LATE Tuesday HW 1/14 - The Weather & Climate cards are past due = finish for HW
CW = GRADED Weather & Climate cards / "High vs Low Pressures" lesson, p. 165 booklet
LATE Monday HW 1/13 - "Advice from the_____" draft & final copies are past due today!  Get it done! 
CW = collected Divider 5 work/"Sun's Role in Weather" lesson, p. 165 booklet / working on the Weather & Climate squares p. 169-171 = finish for HW
To recap - DONE THIS WEEK - p. 159 B, C, D, E,F,G/Advice mini-poster
HW 1/10 - Nicely cut out the 18 Weather & Climate cutouts & last weekend for anyone that has F or missing work for Divider 5; get it done for Monday, 1/13!  
CW = Collecting the ADVICE work & Grade Sheets; the start of our WEATHER Unit/"What is Weather?" lesson
HW 1/9 - NEATLY write out your FINAL ADVICE paper!  CW = GRADE DAY for the LAST section in Divider 5 / Earth's Systems' INTERACTIONS!  ISN pages 159 B,C,D,E,F,G are now DUE!
1/6 - 1/8 - Back to School and wrapping up interactions, Doodle Page answers and Advice from (one sphere) activities; get the work DONE as GRADE DAY is THURSDAY for ISN page 159 B,C,D, E, F,G!
To recap - OVER THE BREAK - DIvider 5 Sphere work; for those with missing sphere activities (Atmosphere, Biosphere, Cryosphere, Geosphere, Hydrosphere) from Divider 5 or with an overall grade of an F, you need to finish more of the Earth's Spheres activities to bring your 2nd report card grade up!
12/19 - 1/5 - Merry Christmas break and Happy New Year;  THANK YOU for the various edible and non-edible gifts!  Each one is appreciated!
12/17 - District Test on Earth's Systems             (11 questions just on the ATMOSPHERE)
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Science  in

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1/30 update - Mrs. Crowell co-wrote a grant that was accepted by the St. Johns Water Management District.  On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, the co-writers from the City of Port Orange Reclaimed Water Plant Steve Parnell and from the Water Treatment Plant, Christina Potts, presented how the aquifer water is treated to become our drinking water and how the reclaimed sewage water is recycled for irrigation water...pretty interesting!!! We definitely don't want to drink contaminated water!!!  (They also said to STOP using flushable wipes as those are NOT flushable and clog up their pipes!  They DO NOT disintegrate!!!)